Ergonomic Assessment



AmeriCare Physical Therapy wants to keep your workplace safe for your employees, and with the help of an Ergonomic Assessment, we do our best to keep your workers safe and productive. It is important to prevent injuries in the workplace to reduce workers' compensation costs, medical expenses, and other costs for worker accommodation.

We, at AmeriCare Physical Therapy, offer an ergonomic assessment to identify areas for improvement in any work setting. Our licensed physical therapists will conduct ergonomic assessments in the office setting to ensure employees show proper body mechanics, which in turn, our licensed physical therapists will increase productivity as well as lower injuries.

Occupational injuries can result in unwanted costs, and decreased employee morale. Musculoskeletal disorders (MSDs) are the most common type of workplace injuries – this can result from poor posture, repetitive movements, and overexertion.

A Functional Capacity Evaluation (FCE) evaluates an individual's capacity to perform work activities related to his or her participation in employment. The FCE process compares the individual's health status, and body functions and structures to the demands of the job and the work environment.

Through careful assessment of the employee workstations, our therapists design a customized plan to optimize function. For more information, contact Susan Rele at, or (908) 389-9100 ext. 120

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