Spinal Conditions

Our certified McKenzie physical therapists can bring your spinal problems to a halt.



Back pain is the number one reason patients seek physical therapy. The key to the successful rehabilitation of spinal disorders is by assessing the problem, creating an individualized treatment program and focusing on education and prevention of future recurrence.

At AmeriCare Physical Therapy, our certified McKenzie physical therapists are extensively trained in manual therapy and spinal stabilization. We are experts in treating low back pain, sacroiliac joint dysfunction, thoracic pain, neck pain, disc herniations, sciatica and whiplash injuries, often resulting from motor vehicle accidents.

Poor posture is one of the reasons why back pain is so common; many of us spend a great deal of time sitting at a desk, where we often hold our head too far forward as we work. But there are many other kinds of poor posture – Sitting in the car for a long commute, working at a checkout station, cradling a telephone receiver against the same shoulder for long periods of time, always carrying your child on the same hip. These can cause awkward positions and lead to back and neck pain.

Our goal at AmeriCare Physical Therapy is to help you control your pain and maximize your body’s potential.

AmeriCare is the right fit for you

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