Telehealth Physical Therapy

A visit to your doctor with a click of a button.


Our team at AmeriCare Physical Therapy is concerned about your safety and we are making sure to adhere to social distancing protocols. We want to continue to connect with the community and provide methods to keep achieving your functional goals. So, we are excited to say that we are now treating new and existing patients with Telehealth!

Telehealth at AmeriCare is a way to be evaluated and treated by your physical or occupational therapist. We will develop a customized plan of care, help you stay consistent, and achieve your functional movement goals with your pain under control.

Healthcare delivery has changed since the onset of COVID-19 and we assure you that AmeriCare will address your musculoskeletal pain and tightness through Telehealth.

1. Does my insurance company cover Telehealth Physical Therapy/ Telehalth Occupational Therapy?
Most insurance companies cover this service and there are many plans that are waiving copays and coinsurances. Please ask our front desk personnel for further details.

2. Can we see patients from other states for Telemedicine visits?
Through the Physical Therapy Compact, a compact privilege allows the holder to provide physical therapist services in a remote state under the scope of practice of the state where the patient or client is located, whether the practice is in-person or via telehealth.Other states include: Arizona, Colorado, Iowa, Kentucky, Louisiana, Mississippi, Missouri, Montana, Nebraska, New Hampshire, North Carolina, North Dakota, Oklahoma, Oregon, South Carolina, Tennessee, Texas, Utah, Washington and West Virginia.

3. What conditions do we treat with Telehealth physical/occupational therapy?
Common conditions we treat are: ACL injury, arthritis, back pain, golfer’s elbow, hip arthritis, hip pain, ITBS, knee pain, labral repair Meniscus injury, Pelvic floor: Pain, Incontinence, Diastasis, Constipation, Piriformis syndrome, pre and post-operative back and neck surgery, rotator cuff injury, rotator cuff tendinitis, shoulder pain, spinal stenosis, Tennis elbow, and whip lash.

4. What is Telehealth Physical Therapy?
Physical Therapy appointments provided over any electronic device in a video or audio format. The sessions will be held through our secure, HIPPA compliant Telehealth platform.

5. Will I achieve the same results with Telehealth PT appointments?
Yes! Physical therapists are movement analysis experts. We assess your movement patterns and joint restrictions. We will design a program tailored to your needs and provide you with a home program to resolve pain and function.

9. Do I need to call my Physician for Telehealth Services?
You can get physical therapy without a physician’s prescription. Telehealth is now approved under most insurance plans and we will confirm your coverage by calling your insurance company.

10. What type of device do I need for my telehealth session?
You can use any electronic device that provides you access to the internet. You will receive an email or text with a link and when it comes time for your appointment, just click the link and it will connect you to your clinician.

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