Our Edema Specialist

Physical Therapy Mountainside NJ

Susan RelePT, DPT, Cert. MDT, CES

Physical Therapist

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Peripheral edema is a common impairment secondary to many medical diagnoses encountered by physical and occupational therapists across all practice settings. Differential diagnosis of the cause of the edema is essential in the clinical reasoning process that leads to appropriate intervention.

Our edema certified therapists will perform an: examination, evaluation and clinical management of peripheral edemas of the upper and lower extremities, head, and neck.

We treat the following:

  • Breast Cancer with Lymphedema
  • Head and Neck Lipedema related to cancer
  • Prostate cancer with Lymphedema
  • Post-Op edema
    • Post-Op hip, knee, shoulder edema
  • Sports related edema
    • Swelling of the ankle (cannot move the fluid)
  • Venus insufficiency
  • Cardiovascular