Booked Your 2023 Physical Therapy Session at AmeriCare Physical Therapy Clinic Yet?

Did you book your 2023 PT session?

Physical therapy helps patients rediscover their ability to stand, walk, and move around. Physical therapists can use different methods to prevent injury and enhance performance. At Americare Physical Therapy, we help you maximize your body's potential with doctor-led physical therapy treatment. Get in touch for treatment of spinal conditions, sports injuries, joint replacements, pelvic health, vertigo, and so much more.

Benefits of Physical Therapy

Physical therapy (PT) has immense benefits for your body. Here are some benefits of PT:

  • Alleviates bodily pain
  • Strengthen body muscles such as abdominal muscles
  • Enhances mobility or agility
  • Prevents or treats sports injuries
  • Enables recuperation from an injury or surgery
  • Improves your motor skills
  • Enhances management of long-term conditions like diabetes, heart disease, or arthritis
  • Improves faster postpartum recovery
  • Prepares you for labor
  • Heps with urinary or fecal incontinence symptoms
  • Enables you to have better control of your bladder or bowel
  • Enhances easier adoption of a prosthetic limb
  • Enables you to learn how to use walking aids like a cane or walker

What to Expect During a PT Session

To achieve the full benefits of physical therapy, you require undergoing several sessions. During the first session, your physical therapist will typically evaluate you and determine your care needs. You can expect the following line of questions during this initial contact:

  • Any pain in your body
  • Mobility problems
  • Capacity to perform daily, routine tasks
  • Sleep quality
  • Medical background

The goal here is to identify your condition, underlying causes, and any limitations it has on your life to enable the therapist to develop an effective treatment plan. The PT will also conduct examinations to evaluate your overall health:

  • How fluidly you can bend, reach, grasp or move around
  • How well you can walk up the stairs
  • Your heart's rhythm when you're moving around
  • Your posture
  • Whether you are breathing properly

The physical therapist will then discuss with you to develop a care plan to assist you to achieve your specific objectives, such as improving your functioning or feeling better. Your therapist will keep track of your improvement and modify your sessions as necessary.

Between sessions, you can practice the core exercises your therapist instructs you at home or even at the office. This can help you achieve your goals faster. Keep in mind that in PT, everyone is unique, and you might attend more or fewer sessions than others.

Preparing for PT Sessions

There are several steps you can do to ensure a positive journey as you get ready for physical therapy.

The first is to always ask questions. Whether it's during the initial appointment or subsequent sessions, asking for clarity on a specific procedure or an unclear goal can help you understand the process better.

Also, be prepared to tell your physical therapist exactly what you intend to achieve at the end of your therapy. This will help in developing a well-defined therapy plan. It's also important to be honest with your physical therapist. An open, transparent patient-therapist collaboration is extremely critical to PT success.

Book your PT appointment today at AmeriCare Physical Therapy

At AmeriCare PT, we are highly specialized and experienced in treating multiple injuries and conditions. Our physical therapists can customize your treatment plan based on your unique injury and determine the best ways to help you heal, regain strength, and return to normal activities without pain. Contact us today and let’s get you going again!

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