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Myofascial Release

If one is suffering from a loss of flexibility / function following an injury, or experiencing pain in any area containing soft tissue, such as the back, shoulder, hip, etc., myofascial release therapy may be a great option. There are 2 sources of Myofascial pain. Pain can be stemming from the skeletal muscle, or connective tissues that are “bound down” by fascia being tight. The second cause can be from the myofascial tissue itself, occurring from “trigger points”. The goal of myofascial therapy is to lengthen and loosen the fascia, so that the contiguous structures can move freely, and the patient’s motion is restored. A physical therapist can provide myofascial release therapy. They will look to identify where the area of fascia appears to be restricted, and measure the loss of symmetry, or level of loss of motion.

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