The Rolf Method of Structural Integration

What is Structural Integration?

The Rolf Method of Structural Integration is a ten-session series of connective tissue mobilization, myofascial release, movement and postural re-education.

The goal of Structural Integration is to restore soft tissue balance and relieve chronic structural stress. Each session builds upon the last one to prepare the body for the next — the week between each treatment allows the body to integrate the new changes that were experienced.

Who is a candidate for the Rolf Method of Structural Integration?

  • Patients with orthopedic and neurologic problems, chronic pain, myofascial syndromes and a host of more specific problems usually benefit from the ten-session series.
  • The approach is particularly beneficial for those patients whose heightened sensitivity and pain preclude direct manipulation.

For more information on Rolfing/Structural Integration, click here.

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