Nisha Rele BSME, PT, DPT

Dr. Nisha Rele

Physical Therapist, Digital Marketing, Warren

Dr. Nisha Rele graduated from Rutgers University, New Brunswick with a major in Mechanical Engineering. Dr. Rele’s love for physical therapy began when she started exploring the realms of mechanical engineering. She learned about prosthetics and the patient care experience during a summer internship. Her role model has always been Hugh Her – see Ted Talk here – his work continues to inspire her everyday. After, she realized how much she loved working with patients she decided to take the leap and go to physical therapy school. She completed her Doctor of Physical Therapy education at Arcadia University. During this time, she had her initial clinical training at RWJ University Hospital in New Brunswick where she worked in the cardiac, neurological, ICU, and pediatric units. Following this, she completed her outpatient training at University of Pennsylvania in orthopedics, pelvic health, vestibular, and neurological conditions. She enjoys treating patients with sports injuries, neurological conditions, vestibular disorders, and pelvic health conditions. She believes in physical therapy as a form of preventative medicine to alleviate current injuries and avoid the risk of future impairments. When she is not in the clinic, she enjoys long walks with her dog, strength training, being outdoors, trying new restaurants, and spending quality time with friends and family.

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