Shin Splints, also known as Medial Tibial Stress Syndrome (MTSS), is a common condition among runners, athletes, and active individuals. Shin splints are exercise-induced pain along the medial part of an individual’s lower leg caused by repetitive stress to that region. They are also common in individuals who have previously sustained a running injury, individuals with flattened arches of the foot, and individuals with a higher body mass index. This pain develops from the repetitive stress that the calf and ankle muscles impose on the shin bone. The calf and ankle muscles themselves can also become strained, causing pain. This pain often develops during or after exercise and physical activity and can worsen in duration or severity if it is not addressed properly. Physical therapists can help treat shin splints by alleviating pain and addressing an individual’s body mechanics to prevent future injury.

Physical Therapist treatments include:

  • Manual Therapy techniques including soft tissue mobilization and joint mobilization to improve mobility
  • Use of Modalities
  • Stretching and strengthening appropriate muscles that support the lower leg
  • In-depth analysis of body mechanics and running form
  • Patient education on home exercise program to prevent re-injury

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