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Physical Therapy for Hamstring Injuries

By, Dr. Brian Tababa

Approximately 4 weeks ago, I became a patient myself after I injured my hamstring during a martial arts testing. Prior to this injury, I was in the middle of training for my first half marathon. This was definitely a set back in my training. Being in this profession and seeing cases like this everyday, I realized how important it was to allow my body to properly heal and to get on an effective rehabilitation program to avoid injury. With help from my doctors and fellow physical therapists I am on my way to recovery.

A recent article in JOSPT (Journal of Orthopedic Sports Physical Therapy) outlined hamstring strain injuries and recommendations for diagnosis, rehab, and injury prevention. The article highlight that athletes who experience hamstring injuries experience high re-injury rate, slow healing, and persistent symptoms. There is overwhelming evidence that suggests that the risk of re-injury can be minimized by utilizing a rehab program focused on neuromuscular control training and eccentric strength training.

Physical therapists are trained to use objective measures to assess muscle and tendon recovery and assess readiness for return to sport. Speak to your PT Specialist at AmeriCare Physical Therapy and learn ways to treat hamstring related injuries.

Source: Heiderscheit, Sherry, Silder, Chumanov, Thelen. “Hamstring Strain Injuries: Recommendations for Diagnosis, Rehabilitation, and Injury Prevention. Journal of Sports and Orthopaedic Physical Therapy. Volume 40, Number 2; February 2010

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