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A recent research report published in Journal of Women’s health Physical Therapy describes association between Menstrual cycle status and Musculoskeletal disorders among Female Athletes in Nigeria.

The participants were in the age group of 18-27 yrs, unmarried, and participated in ball games, racket games, combative games, cycling, swimming, gymnastics and athletics. 55.6% participants reported of prevalence of varied forms of musculoskeletal disorders including neck, shoulder, upper extremity, trunk and lower extremity during last 12 months along with presence of menstrual disorders like Oligomennorrhea (reduced frequency of cycles), Amenorrhea (absence of cycles) in 19.08% of females. This is suggestive of statistically significant association which could result in missed sports participation in young female athletes.

Physical therapists can help with education and improve musculoskeletal performance to reduce chances of injuries in young female Athletes.

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