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Benefits of A Healthy Core

A healthy core is a foundation for any exercise routine, athletic endeavor, or daily physical activity. Core muscles help support our shape under all the stress of everyday living and make it possible for us to walk upstairs, carry groceries home from the store, and even bend down to pick up a dropped ball. Despite their importance in everyday life, many people neglect their core muscles during exercise routines and focus on exercises designed for other areas in the human body, including the arms or chest. However, core exercises such as crunches, sit-ups, and leg raises are fundamental to having a healthy body. This post will go through the importance of having a healthy core and the benefits of doing core exercises.

Strong Pelvic Floor

Your pelvic floor is the area of your body composed of abdominal muscles that support your bladder, bowels, and sexual organs. It is no secret that a strong core provides excellent support for the back, but many people do not know that it also strengthens your pelvic floor, which is part of the rectus abdominis. Regular core exercises, including crunches and sit-ups, can strengthen the muscles in your back and pelvic floor. A strong and healthy pelvic floor leads to a healthier back as well as better bladder and bowel control.

Spinal Support

Core exercises can also provide spinal support. Sit-ups and six-pack exercises provide excellent support for the spine because they help strengthen the lower back muscles. A strong lower back is essential for a healthy spine, as these muscles and vertebrae form a sling that helps hold your upper body upright. Regularly training and strengthening these muscles will reduce the risk of injury and back pain for people predisposed to a weak lower back.

Increased Body Strength

A healthy core can help you to lift more weight, run faster, or grab something from the floor without feeling strained or excessive body heat. By strengthening your core muscles you will obtain full body strength. A strong core is essential for all other muscle groups because it provides them stability and balance. Without a strong core, other muscle groups will have difficulty achieving their full potential.

Proper Breathing

One of the most significant benefits of core workouts is that they are great for proper breathing. Many people do not breathe correctly due to poor posture and core exercises can help correct this problem. Proper breathing helps to boost your nervous system. When the nervous system is boosted, your body will feel more alert and awake.

Better Posture

Core exercises help you to improve your posture and make your body more balanced. Since your core has a direct impact on your posture, exercising it can help to improve the way you look. Your spine will be in better alignment, which makes you look taller and thinner. Also, good posture is essential for your back and neck health. With better posture, these areas will have less stress placed upon them, which reduces the likelihood that they will become injured.


A strong core is a foundation for good health. You can obtain several benefits by strengthening your core muscles, such as proper breathing, reduced risk of injury, and improved posture and balance. However, by not working your core muscles regularly, you will be at an increased risk for back pain and many other painful, debilitating conditions.

Understanding the importance of proper core strength can help us prevent physical injuries, improve our balance, and keep ourselves healthy. Feel free to call our expert physical therapists at AmeriCare Physical Therapy to learn more about core exercises and how you can maximize your body's potential with our physical therapy treatment sessions.

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