3 Exercises To Keep Muscles and Joints Active

With the Summer months winding down and the cooler weather upon us, it is important to remember to stay active to ensure ultimate joint and muscle flexibility. Having a daily routine can have many benefits for athletes,young adults and can be beneficial for older adults with joint pain and/or arthritis.

Personalized techniques at AmeriCare Physical Therapy will maximize your body's potential with doctor-led physical therapy in person at one of our 5 locations. When you make an appointment at our Northern New Jersey locations with an expert therapist and continue to practice these exercises at home, you will notice your quality of life improve overtime.

Practice These 3 Exercises To Ensure Muscle & Joint Health

Exercises don’t have to be strenuous on your body. Even the most moderate movements can help reduce pain and improve flexibility.

Stationary Bike Cycling

Cycling gets the blood flowing, is low impact and is a great way to transition your cardio to the inside for the cooler months. Cycling is suitable for all fitness levels and ages. Because this simple exercise uses all of the major muscle groups, pedaling for just 15 minutes a day will ensure to increase joint/muscle flexibility and mobility.

Calf Raises

Calf raises make for the ultimate low impact deep stretch in the legs. Having strong calves will help your overall stability and balance on a day to day basis. Include 30 reps in your daily routine!

Bodyweight Squat

It is important to take your time when strengthening muscles in the body. The movements in a bodyweight squat mimic the movements we do in our everyday lives and routines; ex. sitting in a chair. Using light weights or bodyweight, the squat is a low impact exercise to target all muscle groups in the lower half of your body and will strengthen and stretch muscles overtime.

What AmeriCare Physical Therapy Offers With In Person Sessions Exercises and Training

  • Strengthening exercises: At AmeriCare Physical Therapy, we’ll focus on improving your

range of motion. Your physical therapist will work with you to perform safe and effective exercises to improve your range of motion.

  • Body awareness and balance training: These specialized training exercises can help you improve your body awareness, balance, and coordination. Exercises focus on practicing stops and starts, turns, and changes in direction.
  • Manual Therapy: We offer stretching sessions to help improve flexibility, through a combination of passive range of motion and active range of motion techniques.

At AmeriCare Physical Therapy, our team of physical therapists has been dedicated to serving you with the goal to maximize your body’s potential.

We’re here to listen to your needs and develop a therapy plan just for you.

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